Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chicken Burger With Tomato Salsa

An Authentic Chicken Burger With Tomato Salsa Recipe

Intermittent fasting is proven not only to help loss weight , it could also help you live longer thanks to its health benefits. But if restricting your calories on fast day sounds difficult, this tasty recipe of Chicken Burger With Tomato Salsa which contain as few as 135 calories per portion , but still tickle your taste buds.

Asian Tuna Salad

An Authentic Asian Tuna Salad Recipe

Asian Tuna a burst of flavours. Tangy taste of soy sauce and sesame oil when combined with salad leaves and tomatoes. It turns out out tender and juicy. Ah my mouth has already started watering. Our Asian Tuna Salad recipe is easy to follow and easy to cook . It is also easy on your stomach. Perfect for all those health- nazzies as it require zero oil and specially for a diabetic as it is only 178 calories per serving.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Kangsoi- A Vegetable Stew

An Authentic Kangsoi Recipe

Kangsoi is an north-Eastern Indian dish. This dish is a must have in celebration times, sepcially at new year eve. It's a kind of a stew, easy to make, very healthy and ready in jiffy.Check out this authentic but simple recipe.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Egyptian Dessert Basbousa

An Authentic Basbousa Recipe

Barbousa is a favourite dessert in many Middle Eastern and North African countries. This is a kind of raisin cake baked in oven, made with semolina and soaked in sugar. Barbousa is a sugar rush indeed. Check out this authentic but simple recipe.

Egyptian Koshary

An Authentic Koshary Recipe

I have a certain fondness for pasta and rice. I can eat them both every single day, with different versions of course. Nothing can surpass this delicious combination of both for me. I am all over it!! Koshary is an Egyptian dish made with pasta, rice and lentils, with lots of home made sauce.Check out this lip smacking and healthy recipe of Koshary.